When can I start?

Course Requirements

Must be . . .

  • At least 15 years by the end of the course

  • Able to swim 200 yards front crawl and breast stroke

  • Able to tread water (legs only) for two minutes

  • Able to perform the following scenario in one minute and forty seconds: Dive down 7-10 feet to retrieve a ten pound ‘brick,’ return to the surface, swim back to the starting point, and exit the water.

  • Certification includes AED/CPR/First Aid

  • Certification is for 2 years

How much does it cost?

Course Details

All dates and times are by special arrangement only. 

“Build Your Own Course”  to fit your schedule. 



Specific Course Information

AED / CPR / First Aid

By special arrangement only  

  • Red Cross Certification lasts 2 years. Includes Emergency Preparedness.

  • Also Doctors Nurses and Workplace AED/CPR/First Aid available.

  • Available by special arrangement only.

  • Cost: $200.

AED/CPR/First Aid Review:

  • Prerequisites:

    • Previous Red Cross certified in AED/CPR;

    • Proof of Previous certification may be needed

  • Cost: $125.

What’s this?

Lifeguard Management

  • Learn how to effectively manage lifeguards and a facility.

  • Red Cross certification in Lifeguard Management does not expire

  • Available by special arrangement

  • Cost: $500.

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